Thursday, June 30, 2011


Nearly done environment concepts for our game then I can join Eva in texturing and learning Maya.  I may post some things later if I can but I swiftly learned I should have been doing very broad rough sketches and fast painting as apposed to what I have :p I still have gotten things done fairly quickly compared to my past working speeds but I definitely need to practice and learn more <3
    Super cool they put up the army news video that was shot where I was working, talking about what we do and how it will be used to train soldiers.  I am in the video about half way through!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

    Been a while and these really are not that new.  I am now working in PEI on an indie game for something called the Game Garage.  Two groups of 5 we have three months to each make at least a working prototype of a "twin stick" game.  We had a rough start due to the Federal election setting back budget confirmation but as of Monday we are here together and working hard.  I truly hope this all goes well and that maybe after I can find myself a job in the games industry.
    The pictures below are all from a month or two ago but out of the pictures I have done over the past few months these are by far my favorite.  The bottom being for a "hidden object" resume I sent to a company called Gogii games.
    Hopefully I will be able to keep this place up to date with my happenings :)