Saturday, February 26, 2011


After doing some rough ideas for layouts for my short, and then cooking a large pot of spagetti sauce with home made meatballs i started listening to spyro music. :p and then the nostalgia set in. Dreamweaver was always my favorite area, more specifically lofty castle. So I decided to do some fan art.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Busy busy

I have been a bit busy latley, last weekend at the GAIF seeing the wonderful Grace Roche( aka Moonyice) do a character design class. This past weekend I wen't home to get my moms camera to take to PAX and get a hair cut. I ended up taking my 13 year old autistic brother to another autistic boys birthday party(since my mother wasn't feeling well and I though he might have fun) Well all he did was run up and down stairs and I had to make sure he didn't run out the back door so I had to follow him >.>;.
On the plus side I heard back from Tania Opland just now about the song I wanted to use for my short and she gave me the ok. So I am about to start doing some action analysis via youtube and send the song to a friend with a metronome so I can have the bpm.....I can't find mine for some reason....
Tania Opland and Mike Freeman's site

Winter Dryad character created during character design class with Grace Roche.
Random fish designs
Air creature design
The wonderful Candice Night of Blackmoore's night.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

cough hack cough

Been a tiring week,  Did not get a huge amount done due to illness, but I did get this pern piece completed.  Happy with it other than the rocks.  Below that are some little griffin designs I did the week before.  As for my short I am now done the music breakdown for my scenes, I need to research/analyse dance moves now.  Unfortunatly I can't really finish/ continue with my musical timing without my metronome....something I didn't think I would need so it's back with my mom.  I will probably start my animatic somewhat soon though anyways.  And I have more designs I am working on.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

more from me.

Alrighty Have not gotten a huge amount done lately, I started a Photoshop painting with a dragon and part way through he week I realized I really hated everything but the colour design. I have done a ton of small sketches at work that will slowly find their way here via illustrations.
As for my short, I am on to the tedious and slow task of breaking down my music. What beat each scene will start on, then the much slower, what beat each action will fall on. I plan on starting my dance research next week while I slowly move through breaking down the music. Once that is done(will probably be a bit) Then I can start thumb nailing my storyboards, then create an animatic timed out to the sound/ find sound effects. Slow go but soon enough I will be at the animating portion. :)
Above are my turnaround for the forest spirit I did last week,  sandcat character, dragon and a page of little griffins from my random doodling.