Sunday, February 6, 2011

more from me.

Alrighty Have not gotten a huge amount done lately, I started a Photoshop painting with a dragon and part way through he week I realized I really hated everything but the colour design. I have done a ton of small sketches at work that will slowly find their way here via illustrations.
As for my short, I am on to the tedious and slow task of breaking down my music. What beat each scene will start on, then the much slower, what beat each action will fall on. I plan on starting my dance research next week while I slowly move through breaking down the music. Once that is done(will probably be a bit) Then I can start thumb nailing my storyboards, then create an animatic timed out to the sound/ find sound effects. Slow go but soon enough I will be at the animating portion. :)
Above are my turnaround for the forest spirit I did last week,  sandcat character, dragon and a page of little griffins from my random doodling.

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